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Hate or Civility?

Is it just me, or do the tea baggers sound like the same folks spreading all the lies about candidate Obama in 2008? I heard the same racism, sexism, homophobia, and fear-mongering over a year ago. Most voters heard it too, and that's one of the reasons the Republicans lost so significantly in 2008. The old hatreds, fears, and ignorance still grip a large minority of Americans, but most voters rose above it in 2008.

The tea baggers and far right have sure tried to turn the tide against health insurance reform. They did about everything except to set themselves on fire in the city streets. Every lie, distortion, and dirty trick was used. And to think that THEY are the ones who want to talk about a "back room" deal. The Republicans in the Senate are the ones that forced health care reform into any such deals by refusing to partner in reform. They were more interested in short-term political gains than in helping to solve one of the nation's most serious problems. Any &…

Mocking Man with Parkinsons Over Health Care

This is a sad commentary of the times in which we live.

Using Formatting and Editing Restrictions in Micrsoft Word 2007

Although a variety of Web sites, including the Microsoft Office site, describe various aspects of using formatting and editing restrictions in Word 2007, I've been unable to discover a discussion of the precise task I was trying to accomplish.


Create a Word document that restricts users to edit only a portion of the document and to use only restricted styles.

What I wanted to do:
I wanted a document so simple that users without a lot of Word experience could work with it.I wanted to create a Word 2007 document that another group would use as a template to create training guides.I didn't want them using or creating their own styles.I did not want them to manually edit the document's title page or headers and footers.I wanted them to be able to change the document title and subtitle.
What I wanted to avoid:
I wanted to avoid use of section breaks, although it wasn't a requirement.I did not want to create a template file because most of the users would not have that deg…