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Rand(y) Paul Exposes His Moral and Intellectual Hypocrisy

Why is it that people who are born with silver spoons in their mouths are so eager to tell working people how they should live? Go home, Rand(y), and tend to your patients. We don't need and and don't want you.

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The Limits of Political Correctness

"Political correctness" is one of those terms we bandy around a lot, but the term probably means different things to different people. Right-wingers sometimes accuse us lefties of it when we try to be respectful of minority groups by calling them what they call themselves. To wit, we would probably use "Native Americans" instead of "Indians."
While watching Real Time with Bill Maher a week or two ago, Bill was using his usual "tea-bagger" term to describe those people who describe themselves as part of the "Tea Party" movement. A right-wing guest chastised Bill for using the "tea-bagger" term, saying he preferred to call them what they wanted to call themselves. I was angry that Bill did not use the moment to accuse his guest of "political correctness," since that was the behavior he was advocating. Nevertheless, Bill continues to use the "tea-bagger" term. My feeling is that since the "tea-baggers&quo…