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Working with Conditional Text

Let’s say that you have a single document that you want to use to generate a PDF document for print and to create online Help. Although several software products claim this ability, only MadCap Flare 5 currently makes good on its claim, without rework.

Using conditional text allows you to create some information for the PDF document and for the online Help without having to have two versions of the starting document.

The concept of how to use conditional text sometimes confuses even the smartest of people. Here is a very simple explanation to help you. Think of conditional text (or graphics) as being a two-step process. Using this example of creating a PDF file and online Help, your first step would be to create two conditions: Print and Online. In Flare, you would simply label the parts of your original document that you wanted to be used in just Print or Online with these conditions. The parts that would be used in both the Print and Online versions would not have any conditions.


Say Goodbye

In our celebrations of a new year and in the minds of many, a new decade, it is time to take stock of all the things that we said goodbye to over the past ten years or so. Some of these things haven't disappeared entirely, but they will soon enough. So, say goodbye to:

Mouse padsRoad mapsVCRs, videotape cameras, and videotapesFilm cameras and filmCassette players and tapesManual car windowsManual car locksCorrect spellingPersonal lettersDesktop computersWired Internet connectionsDial-up Internet connectionAOLWired telephonesCRT televisionsMovie rental late feesLow-interest credit cardsPaper checksReceptionistsNewspapersI do bemoan losing a few of these things. Most of us hate calling companies and being answered by a machine instead of a receptionist. I hate losing real paper newspapers, although I admit I haven't often subscribed in the past few years. I don't miss low-interest credit cards because high-interest ones have forced me to budget my money better and pay off the…