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Science Flies You to the Moon

Sometimes you stumble across something on the Web that makes you laugh and also makes you think. This photo was one of those times for me. Since we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing, how more appropriate could the sign be.

Fox Theater

I went with some friends from one of my groups to go on a tour of the Fox Theater. I've been here many times for events, but this tour showed me things I've never seen. Here is one of the photos I took. The rest of them are on my profile in Facebook.

This chair was one of a set of two in the women's "powder room" and the guide told everyone not to sit in them. I thought they are very pretty. (Yes we toured two of the "tea rooms" because of ornate features.)

The tour is inexpensive and I highly recommend it for a nice Saturday morning outing in Atlanta.

Review: Burno is Brilliant

There is not a dull moment in Sacha Baron Cohen's brilliant comedy, Bruno. Cohen's style of comedy is not appealing to everyone, and some people "just plain don't get it." I love off-beat humor, especially humor that pushes the envelope. Bruno does more than push the envelope. It licks it all over, stamps, and mails it.

I am aware that some gay folks don't like this movie for some reason or other. I haven't read their criticisms because I don't care. The character of Bruno is an extreme caricature that makes fun of stereotypes. He uses outrageous situations and dialog to make fun of homophobes, "ex-gay" charlatans, and rednecks. Whatever anyone else wants to read into this movie, go for it. That's my take. Two fists up.

Here's the restricted trailer.