Review: Burno is Brilliant

There is not a dull moment in Sacha Baron Cohen's brilliant comedy, Bruno. Cohen's style of comedy is not appealing to everyone, and some people "just plain don't get it." I love off-beat humor, especially humor that pushes the envelope. Bruno does more than push the envelope. It licks it all over, stamps, and mails it.

I am aware that some gay folks don't like this movie for some reason or other. I haven't read their criticisms because I don't care. The character of Bruno is an extreme caricature that makes fun of stereotypes. He uses outrageous situations and dialog to make fun of homophobes, "ex-gay" charlatans, and rednecks. Whatever anyone else wants to read into this movie, go for it. That's my take. Two fists up.

Here's the restricted trailer.

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