Atlanta - Low on Gas

The lines snake around intersections. Accidents and fights have happened. Cars run out of gas before they reach the pumps. Stations run out before people make it to the pumps. Prices vary wildly from one station to another, but they are all well over $4 a gallon. People sleep in their cars at stations overnight waiting on another shipment to arrive.

After doing nothing for almost a week, our dumb ass governor, Sonny Purdue, steps in to allow for dirtier gas to be pumped until the crisis is averted. (With a name like Sonny, how bright could he be. Right?) Stations are partly to blame in that they don't require, say five gallons or more minimum fill up. As it is, many folks are topping off their tanks, adding to the problem.
It all reminds me of the oil embargo of 1973, when most stations closed at night and on Sundays. One thing I will predict: Events such as this will become more common over the next few years.

Individually, we need to adjust to this new reality. I adjusted in advance over three years ago by buying a hybrid car. I plan now as if gas is $10 a gallon. Where we work, where we play, where we live, how we live, are all factors and will come back to haunt us or to congratulate us. Think, conserve, and plan or live with the consequences.

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