Let Me Just Say

Let me just say a few words about PFLAG. If you don't know what it is, check out the link. In February 2007, a few of us at my church decided we needed to form a chapter because LGBTQ folks in the area did not have a support group nearby, unless going all the way into Atlanta is nearby. Not! In fact, my suburban area is very conservative, so finding any support for non-traditional causes can prove difficult. My church, while fairly inactive on many social justice causes, is very supportive of the LGBTQ community, so we have a safe place to meet.

Our group averages from 8 to 24 in attendance each month, and you can tell that for many who attend, it is one of their few outlets for speaking what is on their hearts and minds. Some are parents learning to cope with a recently "out" child or adult child. Some are LGBTQ and are dealing with coming out issues, new relationships, old relationships ending, or parenting.

Today one member finally took on the Hospitality Coordinator duties that I have been trying to give away for over a year. Yeah! That was my big reward today. Our chapter is the Marietta PFLAG one. You can find us on our national Web site.

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