Review: Humboldt County

One of the things I love about DISH Network is my access to HDNET. This channel has some good programming, but my favorite is the sneak preview each month of an art house film before it hits the theaters. This month's film was Humboldt County.

Directed by Darren Grodsky and Danny Jacobs, the film revolves around a medical student, Peter (played by Jeremy Strong) who is on the verge of medical residency when his father and medical professor, Dr. Hadley (played by Peter Bogdanovich) announces Peter's failure of the class.

Peter wanders to a bar and is picked up Bogart (played by Fairuza Balk) a free spirit who deflowers the young man and takes him on a road trip to her roots in Humboldt County, CA. Her roots are of the hemp variety, for this is marijuana growing country. The various extended family includes Rosie (wonderfully played by Frances Conroy), Jack (well played by Brad Dourif), Max (played by Chris Messina), and a host of others. Of special note is the role of the young girl, Charity, (so beautifully acted by Madison Davenport).

After Bogart leaves in the middle of the night, the film takes Peter on a journey to discover who he is and will become. All of his life, his father has told him what to do and sitting idly is not one of them. Yet in this beautiful natural setting, it is something Peter experiences and comes to enjoy in his summer in Humboldt County. His life is changed forever.

This film captures you and takes you on a journey into an unknown land, with society dropout pot farmers. It is a charming, often funny, and heart-warming story. Look for it in theaters soon. Watch the trailer.

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