Blackberry 9500

Updated 08Oct08 with new photo.

I've had my clunky old Nokia 6600 T-Mobile phone for almost three years now. I used to say I only needed a phone to make phone calls, but that isn't true any longer. I almost never talk on my phone. I don't have a family, and I talk to my friends on a mostly irregular basis. I find myself taking my phone with me everywhere on the off chance I might need it for an emergency phone call. Prudent but still baggage.

Soon I should have a new reason to take my phone with me. With it, I can do all sorts of neato things, including get my email, surf the Web, and get driving directions. Thanks to my friend, Keith, who works for Verizon, I will be added to his family account and get a Web-enabled phone for about the same price I am paying for just phone service now.

Although it is not released yet, here is the phone I have chosen, the Blackberry 9500. I love gadgets and technology, otherwise I probably wouldn't be a technical writer. When I can also own and play with a gadget, so much the better. I am really hoping the traffic-aware GPS service available for the phone will help me on major surface streets in Atlanta. Many GPS services help with interstate highways, which doesn't help me to and from work. I live in one suburb and work in another, so I rarely travel interstate highways.

I'll also be able to check email at lunch at work without it having to go through my employer's servers, which is not good for either of us. That will save me time once I'm home and have an inbox full of email to go through. I'm excited. More later after I get it.

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