Short Review: Religulous

This isn't really a review of the movie, just my experience seeing it.

To follow up on my previous posting about Religulous, let me just say, "Don't miss it in the theaters." Laughing with the crowd makes it so much funnier. And laughing, we all did. There was rarely a minute of the movie that went by without some laughter. At times, it was so loud and intense that I missed a couple of laugh lines that followed. I will see this movie again, but will wait for it on HBO so that I can hear it all.

I was surprised in a couple of ways. First, it was showing at a nearby suburban Atlanta theater. I guess I only expected it at the art theaters, but there it was in red meat Republican Cobb County, Georgia. Secondly, it was screened at a large multiplex in a fairly large auditorium, which was more than half full. So much for my stereotypes of my neighbors. Of course, we are all going to Hell for seeing just know it.

Oh, one other thing. If you are some sort of religious fundamentalist, you may not like it. Plus, you'll go to hell too just by not heeding my advice.

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