Strange But True

I am starting an occasional posting of items that are "strange but true". These will be sometimes little known stories or facts, and I will research them and include links to various references.

My first item is fairly well known, but maybe you don't know this. The Washington Times is Washington's conservative/right wing newspaper. What you may not know is it was founded by and is owned by the Moonies.

The Moonies largely work out of the limelight of the Christian conservative movement in the US, and most others in the movement prefer it that way because many Americans believe the Moonies to be a religious cult. Moon, however, likes to take credit for a lot of things, including:
Reagan became the president in 1980 through me. Think about it. Five years after the Vietnam War, a conservative, moral, rightwing Reagan could become the President of the United States. Who made that? -- Reverend Moon. [Source]
The Moonies also bought UPI in 2000. For more, check out the Moonies at

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