We Have Under Three Weeks to Make It So

We cannot rest on opinion polls. They have been wrong before. We know what a mess one state can make of the vote of an entire nation. If you haven't voted already, go vote and take someone with you. This is perhaps the most important election in my lifetime, and I am in my 60s. Here are some initial debate poll results, which indicates Obama won the debate.
A majority of debate watchers thought that Barack Obama won the third and final presidential debate, according to a national poll conducted at the end of the debate.

Fifty-eight percent of debate watchers questioned in the CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll said Obama did the best job in the debate, with 31 percent saying John McCain performed best.

The poll also suggested that debate watchers’ favorable opinion of Obama rose during the debate, from 63 percent at the start of the debate to 66 percent at the end of the debate. The poll indicates that McCain’s favorables dropped, from 51 percent to 49 percent. [CNN]

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