Gloomy Day Blues

Update: Ah, the sun is starting to shine a bit through the clouds.

I know we need the rain, but this gloomy weather, cold, and short days are working at me this weekend. I have SAD. I typically can get through the winter okay if there are sunny days, but I haven't seen the sun since early Friday morning, and it is just getting to me. After doing a bit of shopping Friday, I came home and have not left it since.

I have been sleeping later this weekend because there is no sun to wake me up. While I do get up and out of bed, I stay pretty homebound unless I have set plans. At least I've managed to get some more junk thrown out of my office and bedroom. I've fixed my iPod problem (mostly), and I am nearing an end to ripping my CDs with the goal of selling some and giving away the rest.

Monday will tear me out of this mood I hope, since I have to go to work. Anyone else suffer from SAD? If so, how do you deal with it?

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