Obama Predicted to Expand Use of New Technologies

In today busy world, how often do we really have the chance or time to get involved in events around us? Just attending a city council meeting can be a real bitch to plan, and if it is a special called meeting, forget it.

Obama is predicted to keep pushing the technology envelope to keep us involved. Hopefully, this technology will "trickle down" to the state and local level too. Just don't use it while you are driving. We have too many distractions there already.
Mr. Obama has said he'd like to appoint a chief technology officer, perhaps at the cabinet level, and he's made it clear he will embrace new technologies in office -- technologies such as Skype, a video tool Sieberg used to get this quote from John Tedesco, a Virginia Tech political communications professor: "(Mr.) Obama recognized that young voters are using social networking sites and social networking software, and he brought his campaign to the young voters online."

Ultimately, according to tech experts, the most important part of Mr. Obama's future strategy is to ensure his digital followers continue to feel empowered.

Says Rasiej, "We're going to see this online community become really the special interest of the Obama presidency. Not the lobbyists, not the people who've traditionally give money, but the people who actually know how to use these tools to make sure that their voices are heard."

Think of it, suggest Sieberg, as the 21st century equivalent of giving power to the people.

And, Sieberg says, there's a sense that people are going to become more deeply involved in local politics, from school boards to running for office themselves, as a result of this online empowerment. [CBS]

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