An Angry Race of Fallen Kings

The Royal Scam by Steely Dan is probably my favorite music album ever. I am a major Steely Dan fan. Although the title song is not my favorite on the album, it does have some of the most obfuscated lyrics of any of their songs, although it is probably about the hardships immigrants face in America.

The visual image of "an angry race of fallen kings" from the song long ago prompted me to think it would be a great title for a book about old straight white dudes who listen to Rush and Hannity and hate the American system of government...and deep down hate America.

This all came together today when I heard about the stupid lawsuit that Obama can't take office because he is not a citizen and later listened to the song on my iPod. The suit has no merit. It is a distraction. It is a way for this angry race of fallen kings to wave their arms in the air and say, "Hey, look at me." This is only the beginning folks. To think any of these folks will support Obama on any issue is a fool's dream. They hate Obama. They hate Hillary. They hate Bill. They hate liberals and progressives...and even socialists. They probably hate you.

But most of all...they hate they lost the White House and Congress. Here is a big old annoying long raspberry at ya, guys. Get a life. In the meantime, I'm smiling.

Here is one of the fallen kings: From
Obama Crimes
Philip Berg (
555 andorra glen court suite 12
Lafayette Hill
Tel. +1.6106623005
Fax. +1.6105552222
Creation Date: 22-Aug-2008
Expiration Date: 22-Aug-2009

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