Campbell's Soup Takes Stand Against Hate

I don't eat many prepared soups. I usually make homemade. However, sometimes I used canned broth as a basis for my homemade soups and stews, so I will now look more favorably at the Campbell and Swanson brands.

I really do try to shop my beliefs. I do my best to avoid products made in China, but we all know that is mostly impossible these days. I don't knowingly buy products and services from companies that advertise on right-wingnut radio shows, such as Neal Boortz. I try to buy products from companies that are in line with my belief system. That includes support of equal rights for LGBTQ people. I'm adding Campbell's and Swanson brands to those I buy.
Campbell's is rebuffing the American Family Association (AFA) - the vehemently anti-gay organization that has likened homosexuality to pedophilia and incest and thinks LGBT people are destructive - over advertisements that the soup giant has taken out in the LGBT magazine The Advocate.

The advertisements are for Swanson chicken broth, which the Campbell's company owns. It's the first time that Campbell's has advertised in the LGBT market. And what do the ads depict that have the AFA so miffed?

Two lesbian parents, and their child.

Ah! The horror! But the AFA thinks that ads depicting LGBT families threaten children. Funny how some groups continue to ignore scientific and sociological research that shows LGBT families provide just as nurturing an environment to children as heterosexual families.

To the credit of Campbell's, they are pushing back hard against the ridiculousness of the AFA. Here's their official company statement about AFA's call that Campbell's stop "pushing the homosexual agenda".... []

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