The Day the Earth Stood Still: Save Your Money

I had been warned by critics that this movie was a disappointment, but sometimes there are movies we all just have to see. I made a mistake with this one. I love the original film with Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal. I HATE this movie. There is virtually no character development. The only character you end up caring about is Jacob (Jaden Smith), the little boy.

There were a lot of good actors in this film, but they did not show it or were not given large enough roles. Keanu Reeves was dead. This is one of the worst alien performances I've ever seen by anyone. Jennifer Connelly gave a decent try as the female lead, but the movie was so bad, it did not stand out. Kathy Bates failed to shine as the Secretary of Defense. Granted, it was a supporting part, but it was a terrible job. John Cleese and Jon Hamm were given such small parts, they didn't have a chance.

The special effects were not very good either. There are many films that have done better in this regard. Finally, the screenplay was so dull I could have fallen asleep. I give this film 1 1/2 stars out of five.

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