New Georgia Health Care Website

For those of us who live in Georgia, there is an important new website to surf. I've added a link in my sidebar to If you are in need of health care information or just curious, take a look. Here is a description of the site's purpose, which appears there.
[G] provides access to the cost and quality of health care services in our state, as well as educational tools that provide information about a variety of health topics. The Internet represents a technological revolution that is dramatically transforming our lives. It impacts the way we communicate, learn, work and spend free time.

As consumers you could compare the quality, safety and price of automobiles before ever stepping foot on a car lot. But despite the availability of technology, it has not been simple for Georgians, as health care consumers, to compare the cost of prescription medications between pharmacies or evaluate the quality of health care services – Until Now.

By utilizing this information to choose the providers and services that best meet your individual medical, financial and access to care needs, you will have control over improving the value of the health care you receive. Our goal is to ensure you have the proper information to be engaged, savvy health care consumers that strive to have better health outcomes and achieve the best value for your health care dollar.

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