I think it is mostly old coots like me who still like to read newspapers (and I do mean ones printed on paper). Mind you that I have not subscribed to a newspaper since I moved back to Georgia in 2000. Life is so frantic here compared to how it used to be in South Carolina, I really haven't found a time to read one on a regular basis.

Yet every time I visit with friends who still subscribe to one, I am always grabbing it for a quick read. On the rare times when I go to lunch alone at work, I usually grab a paper to read so I won't feel so lonely at lunch.

So the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a low introductory rate for three months, and I took it. My subscription should start in a couple of days. I will see if during this three month period, I really take time to read the paper. If not, it didn't cost much and I can cancel it. Yes, I will recycle or reuse.

In the back of my mind, there is one bad thought nagging me that I might need the paper to check the classified ads next year for a job. I'm not looking at all, but news of layoffs somewhere most every day makes me nervous. In this economy, I don't know many jobs that are bulletproof. Do you?

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