Hate Banks? You'll Love This.

Here is the 500 character (maximum) comment I left on the whitehouse.gov website today.
I was laid off from my job less than three weeks ago. Being responsible financially, I decided I wanted to refinance my house to lower my monthly payments since I have no idea how long it will take to get a job. My mortgage holder (Bank of America) told me that if I did not have a job, I could not refinance. With all the aid we are giving financial institutions, this policy seems absurd. They told me if I got to the point of not making a payment, I would have to contact customer service. Help!!!
Oh yeah, banks were perfectly willing to approve bad mortgage loans and then hold out their hands for our tax money. But when a good customer with an excellent credit rating wants to do something responsible, his bank would rather him miss payments and then they can foreclose. Oh, that makes so much sense. If this pisses you off like it did me, please contact your representatives.
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