Three Quick Movie Reviews

I'm seen seven movies in the theaters in the past two weeks. I believe that is a personal record. I blame it on so many good movies being released in December every year. Instead of my usual review of individual films, I'm going to quickly review three films. Don't let the shortness of my reviews make you think I did not like these films. Quite the opposite. I loved and recommend all three.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is as much a homage to New Orleans as it is an wonderful and well-told yarn. You almost want to believe it. It is a long movie, but I was never bored, and Brad Pitt gave a marvelous performance. The film also deserves recognition for special effects and cinematography.

The Reader is a tale about lust and young love interwoven with the history of post-WWII Germany, Nazi war crimes, punishment, pride, and guilt. Kate Winslet gave her most outstanding performance ever, although I have not seen Revolutionary Road yet. It is a complicated film emotionally. I felt conflicting emotions throughout the film.

Finally, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a heart rending film about the Holocaust, from the viewpoint of an 8-year old boy. It is a magnificent film with a surprise ending. Don't miss it.

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