Unemployed: Day 2

Thanks to all who have called, emailed me, and left comments. I really appreciate the support and love from friends. A few folks have also sent me leads. Keep them coming, please. The unemployment numbers in general in the economy mean tough times for many of us. So please keep in your thoughts the folks you don't even know who are in difficulty. If you are secure for now, I am happy for you and hope you stay secure.

So far, I have updated my LinkedIn profile and my Monster.com account (and reactivated it). Plus, I took a look at my professional society (STC) job board. I sent an application and résumé to an Atlanta staffing service that contacted me and had a preliminary in-person interview with them today. I also emailed a résumé to a national staffing service that primarily works with technical writers and related professions, however, they don't list any current Atlanta jobs.
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