You'll Never Think of Tents the Same Way Again

I used to go camping and have owned a couple or more tents in my life. Most of them took a long time to erect and take down. Some were made of heavy canvas and had metal poles with which to contend. And then I was SOL if a big wind came and collapsed the tent in the middle of the night.

Well, scrap all those notions. Enter air-supported technology...what NEMO calls "... the most important development in tent design this century." Well that has only been this decade so far, so they may want to work on that wording a bit. However, you get the idea of something great.

Q. How fast and easy are the tents to inflate and deflate?

A. Very fast and easy! That is the single biggest benefit of inflatable tents for three-season use: you don't need to fuss with poles! NEMO pumps come with quick-disconnect fittings which plug directly into the airbeams on every NEMO AirSupported™ tent. Morpho, our largest AST™ tent, takes less than 50 seconds to inflate with the foot pump and less than 90 seconds with the Integrated Pump! Deflation is just a matter of attaching the Deflators to each airbeam valve and rolling the tent up.
When properly inflated, NEMO's airbeams can be considerably stronger than traditional aluminum tent poles. In one test, the larger Morpho airbeam withstood more than twice the downward force compared to a standard tent pole. One of the great advantages of airbeams is that even if you bend them all the way to the ground, they simply spring back into shape. Optimal air pressure for a NEMO airbeam is between 7 and 9 psi. NEMO pumps are designed to deliver exactly the right amount of pressure. []

I heard about these tents on a technology program on TV and then went to their Web site to check it out. I am impressed. Using this tent, especially on a Couch Surfing adventure, I can travel most anywhere on the cheap. If I still am unemployed by summer, this may be the way to go. If you think that camping is not for you, check out these tents before you shun the thought.
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