Pope Infallibility Cracks Open

Oh yeah...now they say the Pope wasn't aware of the holocaust denier. Which is it? Infallibile or not? I say NOT. After all, he is so wrong about so "Many Things." Emphasis mine below.
Pope Benedict told Jewish leaders Thursday it’s unacceptable for anyone to deny the Holocaust, a message aimed at easing widespread rancour over a bishop’s claim that the Nazis did not kill six million Jews. And the Vatican announced the pontiff will go ahead with his first visit to Israel in May. The Pope met with about 60 American Jewish leaders Thursday and assured them the Catholic Church was “profoundly and irrevocably committed to reject all anti-Semitism,” issuing his strongest condemnation yet of Holocaust denial.

The furor blew up after Benedict lifted the excommunication of a traditionalist bishop who denied the Holocaust, sparking outrage among Jews and Catholics alike. The Vatican said Benedict did not know about the views of Bishop Richard Williamson when he agreed to lift the excommunication. [London Free Press]
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