Attorney General Halts Raids on Medical Marijuana Dispensers

I guess they'll have to change the scripts for the next season of Weeds. Humboldt County can breathe easier too. Are we actually witnessing the beginning of the end to the "war on drugs" in the United States? Maybe this is just a baby step to end the "drug war," but at a minimum it will allow people who suffer horrible pain or have no appetite to be free from the drug police. Oh yeah, don't forget the AG by his action has affirmed states' rights on this issue.
Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Wednesday outlined a shift in the enforcement of federal drug laws, saying the administration would effectively end the Bush administration’s frequent raids on distributors of medical marijuana. Speaking with reporters, Mr. Holder provided few specifics but said the Justice Department’s enforcement policy would now be restricted to traffickers who falsely masqueraded as medical dispensaries and “use medical marijuana laws as a shield.” [NY Times]
I bet this will help the California economy too.
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