Helicopter Dentist

So have I written that I joined a local group on Meetup soon after I lost my job? I don't remember because I'm so addicted to CNN since I'm not working, I'm just living vicariously through the eyes of journalists and politicians. I even watch the White House daily briefing when its on. I think someone is getting a divorce soon...on no, that's the soaps.

When I do come up for air, I enjoy this Meetup group. They do all sorts of fun things. I've joined them on several trivia nights at a local pizza place and at a couple of parties in the hosts' homes. I network at the same time. I'm not the only one in the group who is unemployed. I've learned stuff. Plus, we always place at trivia and get a discount on our next meals. Cheaper food for the unemployed!

One of the newest members of the group told us on Monday that she (still can't recall her name, but I know all the Cabinet members now) had the wildest thing happen. She was walking to Blockbusters and saw a helicopter. It was close by, and to her surprise, it landed in a Wendy's parking lot. She said it was a small copter for two and had no doors.

She seems fairly outgoing, so she went over to the guy and asked him why he landed there. He said he had to eat too. Well one thing led to another, and he ended up giving her a ten-minute ride. She said the copter made so much noise that she couldn't understand a word the guy (a dentist named John) said. She would ask him to repeat himself several times to the point where he was finally shouting things that she still could not understand.

She said she didn't get his last name and figured that he must think her to be nuts anyway since she pretended to understand what he was saying. My dentist is named John and from her description, it may have been him. I'll have to ask about the helicopter on my next visit. Gawd, I'd hate to be a dentist.
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