The cold weather returned to Georgia today. When I left the house to drive to my MD's office this morning, it was actually sleeting. The wind is blowing and it is overcast, which makes it seem colder than it is.

Of course, when things go wrong, they often go wrong in sets of three or more. I woke up Saturday morning to find that the furnace is no longer working. I tried everything recommended by the folks who normally service my furnace, and I was unable to get it to kick on. I checked my filter, and it was dirty, so I think the restricted airflow caused it to shut off. Note to self: Change your filter more often.

It appears it will take a service call, but since I'm unemployed and haven't even received my unemployment benefits for a month (a later post), I can't afford it now. I'm living off of my home equity loan and need to stretch that out until I can start my Social Security in October or find a job, whichever comes first. So, I'll wait until this fall to fix my furnace. My roommate has a small heater, which I'm using to keep the upstairs warm for now. I'm thankful for that. Life could be much worse.
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