Desperate Party of No

The Party of No is fairly desperate these days. They find themselves unable to find a vision other than proposing more tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, which helped to get us in the economic mess we face today.

Obama's new tax cut has provided tax relief for about 95% of Americans, yet the Party of No is holding tea bag rallies. Presumably, these rallies are protesting the return to the upper tax rate of just over 39% under Clinton, which was the rate before the Bush tax cut to 35%. The 39% tax rate is still about 10% less than the 50% top rate during most of Reagan's term in office. Where were the tea bag parties then? [Historical US income tax rates]

Obama was elected on the promise to repeal the Bush tax cut. Plain and simple: It will be allowed to expire...the very tax cut that helped to bankrupt our economy. Tea bag rallies just appear desperate.

Additionally, these "nattering nabobs of negativism" throw around the "socialist" word since "liberal" doesn't have its old negative punch anymore. I've even heard Republicans use the "fascist" term to describe Obama. Perhaps even "Nazi." Of course, anyone who took Political Science 101 knows that socialists and fascists are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. So the Naysayers clearly are using these terms as pejorative and not as a part of a civics lesson. There you have a further sign of desperation.

There isn't a real leader in sight either. McCain clearly doesn't like Palin. Few take her chances seriously anyway. Remember Dan Quayle? We frequently see Karl Rove and Dick Chaney out on the talk show circuit, but we Democrats love when these demons say bad things about us.

I don't listen to the radio or the Fox Noise Network talk shows, but I can envision Glenn Beck's head exploding because they lost the election and can't get traction, seemingly on anything. Now there is Newt, but really folks, is Newt the best you can do? He is the Republican equivalent of John Kerry in the way he can talk himself into a corner.

You will hear the names of some of the former 2008 candidates. You will also hear Bobby Jindal and Charlie Crist mentioned. Face facts. So far, no one has risen to the top, and much of that has to do with the party not having a clear direction. Polls have shown that the conservative label does not appeal to independent voters as it once did.

Changing demographics are also working against the Republican Party, and after the 2010 census is taken, we'll see even more changes in election strength as Congressional districts change.

Republicans may just have to let the clock tick for awhile and see how the economy is doing by the end of the year. There may not be a clear leader, voice, or ideology in the party for sometime to come. Many have said they want Obama (and America by proxy) to fail. Just more desperation. But among political opportunists, nothing seems sacred anymore, so expect this desperation to be around for awhile.

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