Good Easter Weekend

What a nice Easter weekend I just had! My friends Janie and Darrell have been wanting me to visit their church in Pleasant Hill, TN. This past weekend, it happened, and I had a very good Easter weekend.

The Uplands Retirement Village is a central part of Pleasant Hill. Many of the people who live there are retired UCC clergy and missionaries, so the median age is rather high. However, with all of the activities and intellectual forces there, Uplands is anything but a typical retirement community. This community and the church are very involved in social justice issues. They walk the walk rather than talk the talk.

Since I'm struggling with finances, having received no unemployment benefits in over a month (another post, I promise), I had to depend on the hospitality of my friends and the good people in Pleasant Hill. Such hospitality and friendship are rare, and I was very blessed. I hope to visit people there again. What a special place!

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