Review: Tell No One

I read Harlan Coben's riveting novel, Tell No One, a few years ago. It was a real page-turner for me. While I think the novel is more suspenseful and has a more complex plot, the movie has enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat, uh couch. It was just released on DVD and I watched it today.

The novel is set in the US, but the French film is set in France. The change doesn't negatively affect the plot, but it does mean the movie has English subtitles, which did negatively affect me. Sometimes the subtitles were just too fast, and I had to pause and reverse the DVD to see a scene again.

The cast is little known outside the US, but the acting is good quality. I recommend this film to anyone who loves suspense films with both action and a love interest plus the bonus of a surprise ending. It is two hours long if you don't watch the outtakes too. I did. Grab the popcorn and "Mash Play, Glenn." Sorry, that is an inside joke for a few special friends. ;-)

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