Wanda Sykes Is Funny

Although I don't listen to right-wing talk radio, I've heard and read the news reports that the right doesn't get the joke. Well, pardon me, but if people laugh at something, it is usually funny. I saw the crowd laugh at Wanda Sykes. So shut up about it and move on; Sykes is known for her "over the top" style.
On May 9, 2009 she created controversy at a White House Correspondent's Dinner stand up routine, where she cracked jokes about Rush Limbaugh being the 20th hijacker but "he was just so strung out on OxyContin he missed his flight", wished that he would be waterboarded and then joked that she 'hoped his kidneys would fail,' in response to Limbaugh's statement that he hoped Barack Obama's policies would fail. [Wikipedia]

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