It's Been an Interesting Week

I think I have 99% recovered from my surgery now. However, I am now getting the avalanche of statements, insurance forms, etc. from that surgery. Why is it more often the case that the paperwork is more of a pain than surgery?

An acquaintance sent me an email this week calling me a "fucking bitch" and told me to "get a job." Apparently, she was upset at some of my blog postings, saying that some of my posts were "hateful." I get the irony here. Someone calls my writings hateful, yet she sends me an email calling me a "fucking bitch." I feel sad for her. No loss for me. I've lost no sleep over it.

And speaking of sleep, I guess the surgery and anesthesia after-effects have caused me to sleep more. I slept until 11 AM today, and I never sleep that late on a weekend. Of course, I cut the grass and did other yard work on Saturday, so maybe that was part of it.

I still have some job leads. It would be nice to be able to go out and "get a job," but it is far easier said than done. Every job I see that I've had no experience with requires months or years of experience. My technical writer job submissions seem to go into a black hole. I am increasingly resigned to the notion of having to go on Social Security in October. By then, it will be my last resort in paying my bills and keeping the house.

I never got my unemployment benefits started back. Seems that my resigning after three days from a 3-month contract job relegates me to unemployment hell in Georgia. It's the same thing for folks laid off from contract jobs. They are not eligible in Georgia. So, currently the only income I have is the small amount of rent that my roommate pays me. I'm living off of my home equity loan for now. I've cut back every bill I know how. My grocery budget is down to $100 a month. I turn down most invitations that involve me spending money. I'm facing out of pocket expenses for my surgery soon.

I'm not complaining...just telling you what is going on with me. I have friends who are far worse off than I am. I feel sorry for them and others with families to support. At least I'm old enough to have early Social Security as a fall back plan. Otherwise, I would just be digging into my retirement savings, such as they are. I have decided to put the house up for sale sooner rather than later, maybe as early as next year if the market has somewhat recovered. It's nice to have a house, but at the same time, it prevents me from moving anywhere in the US for a job. I'd rather be able to go where the jobs are than be confined to this area.

Well that's my week. What's going on with you?

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