Companies Unloading Toxic Products Before Ban

Over at, they have some alarming news. If you plan to buy toys for children for the holidays and mistakenly think they are safe now, you are probably wrong.
There was a festive feeling among consumer advocates when Congress passed legislation over the summer that outlaws the use of phthalates -- chemicals some fear may cause reproductive defects -- in toys. But ever-inventive toymakers have a holiday surprise: a flood of phthalate-ridden toys hitting stores just in time for holiday shopping.

The ban enacted by Congress doesn't take effect until Feb. 10, so toymakers and distributors have their elves working overtime to clear out their backlog of toys containing the chemical additives that make hard plastics more flexible. [Link]
Additional Links About Phthalates:
The law also imposes much stricter standards on the amount of lead in toys. However, Feb. 10 is the date the law goes into force. So, this is another thing to be mindful of in shopping.

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