I Know One Oscar Nomination

No spoilers. Safe to read.

If Josh Brolin is overlooked for the Best Actor nod in Oliver Stone's W., I will be surprised. His performance was amazing. The movie as a whole was below my expectations of what to expect in an Oliver Stone film, but it wasn't bad. Stone and the film may get nominations, but I don't see either winning.

Brolin does not look that much like Bush to me. Brolin has somewhat of a horse face, a bit too long for the real W. What he lacks in resemblance, he makes up big time in nailing at least the public view of W. He plays W. as the misunderstood and under-performing son who was a disappointment to his family. Perhaps he still is, Stone would have us believe.

Kudos for other performances, a few of which may get Supporting Actor nominations: Ellen Burstyn as Barbara Bush, Elizabeth Banks as Laura Bush, James Cromwell as George H. W. Bush, Richard Dreyfuss as a caricature of Dick Cheney, Stacy Keach as Earle Hudd, and Jeffrey Wright as Colin Powell. I wish Rob Corddry had been able to do more with his role of Ari Fleischer. I personally enjoyed Stacy Keach's minor role as a Baptist preacher.

I was tempted to just miss this movie. After all, we have had to endure eight years of Bush. Why would I want to spend good money on a beautiful Sunday afternoon for two more hours? I asked myself that on the way to the theater, but I search for good movies and good performances. I was only slightly disappointed.

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