Protests Against Georgian President

I wanted to post this article because of the photo. Obama is a symbol of hope to democratic forces around the globe. I am so proud of this country.
Tbilisi, Georgia: Thousands of anti-government demonstrators poured into the streets of the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, on Friday, hoping to weaken the government of President Mikheil Saakashvili as it strove to maintain power despite the effects of a catastrophic war with Russia and growing economic malaise at home.

The large, though generally subdued, demonstration occurred one year after black-helmeted riot police officers violently quashed opposition protests in Tbilisi, pelting unarmed civilians with clubs and rubber bullets, and using tear gas and water cannons to chase protesters from the streets."
During the protest Friday, opposition politicians condemned Saakashvili's handling of the war and blamed the president for losing two separatist Georgian enclaves, South Ossetia, over which the war was fought, and Abkhazia. Russia has consolidated its control of both enclaves and now recognizes them as independent states, despite widespread international disapproval of the move. [International Herald Tribune]

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