Republicans: The Downward Spiral

Republicans lost 21 House seats in 2008 and 31 seats in 2006. This is a total of 52 seats, which is the number of seats Republicans won in the 1994 "Republican Revolution" landslide. Depending on the Minnesota election, Republicans will have either 41 or 42 seats in the Senate. This is the lowest number since the 1970s.

In an December 11-14 ABC/Washington Post poll, only 23% said they trusted Republicans to cope with the nation's problems. 23% is the lowest number for either party since 1982. Democrats got 56% approval in this poll. In a USA Today/Gallup poll on December 12, 37% approved of the Democrats in Congress, 29% approved of Bush, and 25% approved of the Republicans in Congress.

I know I sure dislike the Plantation Republican caucus. Looks as if most people do, except those white folks on the plantation.

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