Rick Warren: In Quest of His Toaster Oven

A friend asked me what I thought about Obama's pick of Rick Warren to give the invocation at the inauguration. I told her I was disappointed as I don't agree with the fundamentalist lifestyle, and I believe that marriage between fundamentalists should be outlawed. I have to get on a rant here, since I was asked.

Fundamentalism is clearly a chosen lifestyle that harms children and young people who are recruited into its fold. Healthy children are born with bright inquiring minds. Fundamentalism stunts their growth from ever maturing into healthy, thinking adults. As fundamentalist adults, they often flaunt their lifestyle on television, radio, and other media. They use lies and distortions, such as those present in their so-called "holy" books, to try to brainwash the young and old alike, just to get some sort of prize after they die...I think it is a toaster oven.

They have strange practices and rituals that include getting totally wet and being popped on their head so that they collapse backwards, in an unnatural way. They hold their arms in the air for extended periods of time as if in a trance. Some of them handle snakes and drink poison.

Rick Warren publicly flaunts his "marriage" to his so-called "wife." I find that disgusting and a bad example for both young people and adults. It is clearly a threat to the American way of life and is just another way fundamentalists recruit young people and children into their cults.

Fundamentalism is a gateway lifestyle to even more bizarre practices of Mormonism and Islam, with their many so-called "wives" and subjugation of women. Mormons and Muslims in particular have a fondness for young girls. This is disgraceful, but this is where we are headed as a society when a fundamentalist can speak openly at a Presidential inauguration.

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