Free on HBO: Obama "We Are One" Celebration

In case you missed it live, you can view the Obama "We Are One' celebration at the Lincoln Memorial either free on HBO on cable and satellite or watch it free at You do not have to be an HBO subscriber to view it.

I watched the entire event live, and I was just blown away by the hopeful spirit that it presented. I was especially moved to see the folk legend, Pete Seeger, perform. He was a progressive before it was cool. Bruce Springsteen and I think it was Seeger's grandson joined him to sing Woody Guthrie's This Land is Your Land. Not sure why Arlo wasn't invited too.

BTW, the Fox Noise Network complained that by HBO getting exclusive rights to the event, it would prevent millions of people from seeing it. But HBO made it available for free, so looks as if Fox is wrong yet again. Maybe some folks in the boonies without Internet or satellite TV might not see it, but they would have to have electricity first anyway.
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