I realized today that I have not posted photos in awhile, so here is a photo of my friend, Diane, and me in Wellesley, MA this past summer. Diane and I have been friends for over 30 years. That lengthy a friendship is both rare and special, and we both treasure it. Even though we live far apart, we keep in touch by phone. When I visited Diane this summer, I think it had been about five years since we had last visited. I consider her daughter, Anya, a friend also. Anya recently graduated from Wellesley College and is now married.

Since I cropped the photo to better fit here, you don't see that I was wearing an Obama t-shirt and Diane was sporting a Hillary button. By my visit to MA, it was just prior to the convention. Diane and I are among the few Democrats in both of our families, so we are political buddies as well. In good form, Diane supported Obama because she and I were both sick of the last eight years. Here's to friendship and hope for a better tomorrow.
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