Second Senior Obama LGBTQ Appointment

I previously reported on Obama's appointment of an out lesbian to his administration. Now Obama has selected an out gay man to serve in a senior post in his administration.
Obama tapped Bradley J. Kiley to become director of the office of management and administration, where he will oversee White House operations, including travel. Kiley is operations director for the transition team and served a similar role during the Clinton administration as deputy assistant to the president for management and administration. [Washington Post]
Though they are not Cabinet-level positions, Obama has already appointed two openly lesbian and gay officials to serve in high-ranking positions within his White House. The first was Nancy Sutley, a Deputy Mayor in Los Angeles, and an openly lesbian woman who will serve as the director of the White House Council on Environmental Quality. This position advises the President and Vice President on national and international environmental policy matters and works to ensure that federal agencies operate efficiently and in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act. The second came just this week, with the announcement that Bradley J. Kiley, an openly gay man will serve as the White House’s Director of the Office of Management and Administration. Essentially, it means that Kiley will run much of the day-to-day administrative operations of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – a high profile administrative post, indeed. []
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