Slumdog Millionaire: A Real Winner

My buddy, Sharon, told me not to miss this one, and I usually like her film choices. It was everything I expected and more. This film is likely to fetch an Oscar nominee as Best Picture and to get Danny Boyle a nomination as Best Director. I hope it wins both.

The improbable story, set in the slums and horrible poverty of Bombay (Mumbai), centers around two orphaned brothers, one of whom falls in love with an orphaned girl. Separated from the girl in childhood, the rest of the younger boy's life is centered around finding his "love." Ultimately, he gets a chance to go on India's version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire so that she might see him and they be reunited.

The film is visually stunning, sometimes including images and scenes where you may avert your gaze. One couple in front of me almost walked out during one such scene. But if you stay with it, you will leave the theater feeling good. Everything doesn't end happily for everyone, but the film is about the triumph of the human spirit. Stay during the first part of the credits for an unexpected bonus.

Be sure to see this film on the big screen. The visuals will not be the same on a television unless you have a huge TV.

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