Free Credit Reports Online

Most folks know to check their credit reports periodically. If you are searching for a job or are trying to refinance a mortgage, you should check your reports before you begin. Prospective employers and staffing companies often check credit reports before hiring. If you have any incorrect information, you should attempt to get the information corrected as quickly as possible. Years ago, I had some incorrect addresses on mine. I disputed each instance and they were not on the reports I viewed today.

You can get at least one credit report each year from each of the three credit reporting agencies. In Georgia, you are entitled to two reports each year. The easiest way to start is to visit I did this today and turned down all of the $$offers$$ presented to me. I then was able to access all three free credit reports. I printed each to a PDF file, using PDFCreator.

Your credit score is not part of your free credit reports. If you really need to know your credit score, that will cost you less than $10.
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