Adventures in Job Hunting

Boy and howdy, am I glad today is a holiday. Otherwise, I would have been in traffic hell all day. I started this morning driving to downtown Atlanta (think Five Points...not Little Five Points) and interviewing for the contract job in Birmingham. The drive is about 30 miles one way. I allowed extra time since I wasn't 100% sure where the building was located, but it was an easy find off the Downtown Connector and I had time to relax and prepare myself.

The interview went well and I have a follow-up conference call interview Tuesday morning at 9:30 with the folks in Birmingham and Atlanta. If that goes well, I may get the job, which should start next week. I think it is a good fit. I've never been a technical writer for a utility company, but I would be doing what I have done for almost 20 years. Only the technology and some of the methodology would be different.

I stopped for a quick lunch on the way home. I have mostly been eating at home since the layoff. Fortunately, I know how to cook fairly well, but the stop at a restaurant was a nice change from the routine. I had about an hour at home before I had to drive to Smyrna (17 miles one way) for the big test related to the direct hire job I am also seeking. The HR person I spoke with was nice. Apparently there are nine applicants for this one senior tech writing job, but they expect to interview most of the folks next week. The test was as horrible as I thought it would be, but I don't know how much of a factor it is in the final hiring process.

If I am offered the contract job in Birmingham, I'm taking it. A real job is better than a maybe job. If the other company wants to interview me, I will do my best to work it out, but being in Birmingham may prove a show-stopper. Que serĂ¡ serĂ¡.
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