Georgia Pork Sausage

Taxpayers for Common Sense have listed the many Congressional earmarks, commonly known as "pork," in the 2009 spending bill. Of course, you will find many Republican earmarks in the bill, not just Democratic ones. This is happening even while Republicans posture themselves against government spending. Here are just a few Georgia examples from the Agricultural section of the bill:
  • Southeastern Poultry Research Laboratory, Athens, GA (Senator Chambliss, R-GA) - $2,427,000
  • Hormonal Control of Growth/Reproduction, Athens, GA (Senators Chambliss and Isakson, R-GA) - $643,000
  • Quality and Safety Assessment Researeh, Athens, GA (Senators Chambliss and Isakson, R-GA) - $531,000
  • Southern Piedmont Conservation Researeh, Athens, GA (Senator Chambliss, R-GA) - $2,908,000
Add the rest of the Georgia earmarks and keep multiplying by all the other members of Congress. Makes my head spin. Some of these may be worthy projects, but we will never know. They are earmarked, and therefore are not subject to debate or a vote in Congress. It's all or nothing, baby.
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