Intuition and Refrigerators

Typically in my life when I've paid attention to my intuition, things have come out right. When I have ignored it, sometimes there was hell to pay. I made a mistake and believe I've made the right decision now. Things didn't feel right they do.

What I am going on about is the job in Birmingham. After three days on the job at the job site in Birmingham, I realized that I violated my intuition rule. I had second thoughts about the job from the start. Ultimately, it fell on me to make the right decision.

I only want a job where I can be successful...not just a pay check. This job was not it. I only made the final decision this afternoon after lots of thought and prayer. The learning curve was too steep (in a complex industry in which I had no prior experience), the deadlines were too fast (my first deliverables were to be in two more weeks), and the development process was one to which I was not accustomed. Add to this, working a long distance from home, and you get the idea.

I've talked on the phone twice with the staffing company representative, and I think he appreciates my stark honesty about this job. It has been really easy working with him through this whole process, and I commend him. He was not angry or disappointed. I'm sure in his line of work, much worse has happened. There may be a follow-up call or two with some of the client company folks on Sunday or Monday, but I am clear this job is not for me.

My bank account hates my decision, but now I can be at peace. Maybe I can sleep better now.

By the way, I returned home Friday night to find my refrigerator wasn't working. I bought this Maytag POS refrigerator about seven years ago. I bought their best GE extended warranty at the time. The refrigerator was a lemon, but only manifested itself about two years after I bought it. To make a long story short, the warranty paid for itself in service calls and repairs many times over. GE did not offer a warranty extension, and I've paid twice out of pocket for $200-$300 repairs since it expired.

The ice machine has not been working for about two months. So when I got home last night and it was no longer cooling either (lots of food to toss), I decided to buy a new one rather than throw good money after bad for more repairs. I found a refrigerator today at a good price and it should be delivered in the next few days. I have my trusty ice chest to use in the meantime.

I did not buy a Maytag again. Duh!! I bought a Frigidaire at Lowe's, where I had bought the Maytag originally. I was told that they no longer sell Maytags because of "lemon" issues and they no longer sell GE warranties. I got their best Lowe's warranty and I have the option to extend it should I so want.

My bank account is not in love with the new refrigerator idea, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
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