Out of Stupor Monday

Monday I will have to pull myself out of the unemployment stupor and be on the road. Good thing it is Presidents Day, so traffic should be somewhat lighter in Atlanta. I have a 10:30 AM appointment to interview for the 3-month contract position in Birmingham. Pay is good and includes travel and a generous per diem. The only thing I'm concerned about is the street where this interview takes place is not listed in my GPS, so I will have to wing it a bit. I did Google the directions, and there was a photo of the building. Gotta love Google.

If I get/take this job, it may require me starting this week, maybe even as early as Tuesday. I would prefer to have Tuesday to find a place to stay, drive over Tuesday evening, and then start work on Wednesday, but I am open to whatever needs to happen.

Monday afternoon at 3:oo PM, I have to take this test thingy for this permanent job in Atlanta. I'm not expecting to do well on it, so I doubt anything will come of the job. But it gets me out of the house. ;-)
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