Phelps Wins by a Toke

The Richland County, SC sheriff obviously is a publicity nut...nah, just a plain nut IMHO. What person in law enforcement believes that adult marijuana users should be the focus of a lengthy and costly criminal investigation? Aren't first responders all across the US having to lay off people, not hire, and even not respond to all calls? I guess Richland County, SC has not had any downturn in its economy. In fact, I also heard that the SC governor might refuse federal stimulus money. Fine by me. More for the rest of the country, where the need is real.
Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced this afternoon he will not charge Olympic champion Michael Phelps with any drug offense but defended his investigation of the matter.

Lott, a former narcotics investigator, said he would investigate whether Phelps had used marijuana after a photo was published Feb. 1 in a British tabloid showing Phelps holding what appeared to be a marijuana pipe at a Columbia house party last November. Phelps did not dispute the photo but did not publicly admit to using marijuana. He issued a statement apologizing for his conduct and promised it would not happen again.

Last weekend as many as eight people were charged with drug offenses after deputies searched residences and questioned some about the party, according to lawyers representing two of those charged. []

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