Revolutionary Road

Sam Mendes' Revolutionary Road is about how dreams for a good life are often thrust aside for the illusionary security of the moment and with unknown and unexpected consequences. Set in post-WWII America, the film is about a young woman struggling with dreams to get out of a stiffling suburban life she can no longer stand. Kate Winslet plays April Wheeler, a former amateur actress who now finds herself the mother of two boys and dreams of a fresh start for herself as a secretary in post-war Paris and for her husband, Frank, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, to get out of the rat race and "find himself." April convinces Frank and plans are made.

All goes according to plan until two unexpected events change everything, and then their life becomes a runaway train. If I reveal more, I would have to give a spoiler alert, and this review does not contain spoilers. Kate Winslet gives an excellent performance, for which she won a Golden Globe. However, I have to agree with her Best Female Actor Oscar nomination for The Reader instead. Having seen both films, I think The Reader is the better of her two performances.

This is a good and entertaining film. It will make you think and evaluate your own life, even if doing so may be painful. It certainly was for April and Frank.

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