Smells Good Too

I don't know if you've seen this ad on TV, but I saw it today for the first time and had to laugh. Clean coal is a myth, as I have blogged about before, and it is really no laughing matter.

Even the Bush administration halted a "clean coal" plant in Illinois because it proved too expensive. However, in the final version of the stimulus bill, which President Obama signed Tuesday, there is a provision for $3.4 billion for "carbon capture and sequestration demonstration projects" (otherwise known as “clean coal”).

While this project may indeed put people to work as is the law's intent, IMHO it is not the best way to spend our money for future energy needs. Can such a demonstration plant be built for $3.4 billion? Maybe, but it is not worth that huge expense for a single demonstration project that may end up producing little energy.

More information is available here: and

Watch this video carefully and look at the guy's nose.

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