What the Hell?

Many of my memories of the last time I was unemployed are rapidly returning. You would not believe all of the crap that goes on sometimes. I get these calls from recruiters for really "hot" jobs, and then after they submit my resume, they fall off the grid. I write this as I wait to hear from a recruiter about a 3-month job in Bombingham, AL that includes a per diem. In this job market? Are they kidding? Aren't there tech writers already living in AL?

I expect the holiday weekend perhaps got in the way of me being actually interviewed by the employer. And then maybe not. Perhaps the connection just fell into that giant pothole east of the state line. If I sound cynical, I am. Sometimes I feel as if I am only being manipulated by recruiters. "I'm your puppet." That is why I intentionally did not post my resume on very many job boards. I'd rather find real jobs first. BTW, most of the jobs on job boards have been filled already. Staffing companies just want your resume in their databases. Don't get suckered in.

Then there is this direct hire job for a senior tech writer in Atlanta, but the HR recruiter is in Canada. Oh joy. And get this - all applicants have to take an hour-long computer math and geometry test. So I am scheduled to drive into the city on Monday and take a test I am sure to fail. Geometry was my hardest course in high school. I have a problem with spatial relationships. I could never determine how this is to this as that is to that. I failed that portion of IQ exams too. This is exactly the kind of questions the HR person said to expect on the test. What the hell this test has to do with tech writing, I do not understand. But this wild goose chase will get me out of the house for a day.

Yeah, I'll work on my attitude this weekend.
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